grant morrisons the invisibles

this is the comic I've wanted to write all my life - a comic about everything: action, philosophy, paranoia, sex, magic, biography, travel, drugs, religion, can make your own list. and when it reaches its conclusion, somewhere down the line, I promise to reveal who runs the world, why our lives are the way they are and exactly what happens to us when we die. - grant morrison

the news
finally...someone made a cool king mob brit pop is dead t-shirt.  ok, it was me
grant morrison
has linked to me from his site.  it's way cool
some dude named c.zuga sent me this scan of his way cool original painting of king mob

the notes
if you're lucky enough to own any original art, i'd love better scans than the ones i've grabbed off of ebay and other internet sources. i'd also love to include any fan art that was inspired by the series. send me the pics and you'll get your name mentioned here

a number of folks have promised me scans of invisibles promotional material but did not send them to me.  if you're one of those people can you please provide the scans.  many people, myself included, will be happy

richard says he saw the following written in a bathroom stall at the university of maryland: "Big Brother is Watching You. So Learn to Become Invisible"

tom deserves loads of gratitude for the cool counting to none scan and his must see awesome invisibles site the bomb. although it's sorely in need of an update (including the four pages of annotations i sent about volume one) it's still the best one out there

the thanks
bogatyr came through in a big way on key images
marc & johanna at dc comics gave me access to most of the original art
orph helped with vol 2 issue 21 when DC couldn't find their original anywhere
gerard sent the art from vol 1 issue 21 and says he saw it for sale online for only 1200 dollars
jeremy bear sent me the pics of vol 3 issues 9 and 8 and scanned you say you want a revolution
guy lawley sent me the awesome scans of the original sean phillips covers for vol 1 issues 17 and 18

the art - all links open in new windows
volume one cover art

volume two cover art

volume three cover art

miscellaneous images

the commerce
purchase the collected invisibles from amazon

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